Hey! I'm glad you made it! Allow me to introduce you to manePRIORITY! Here I not only challenge clients and future clients to maintain their hair but also those who are only visiting this site. Please don’t overlook the condition of your hair. Become aware of what to do in order to upkeep a color service, a weave, or even natural hairstyles. Your hair is your investment; so don’t be afraid to consult with your stylist. Here with manePRIORITY I’m willing to share my art, my craft and my professional advice. Schedule a consultation or hair appointment, and find satisfaction within the variety of services I offer! It might just be hair to some, but it’s a movement to me! Hope to see you soon.

Much love,

Monique Bramwell

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Monday-Friday 10am-8pm | Saturday 7am-2pm

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